A scooter ride to Uluwatu Temple: cultural dance show

Uluwatu temple is a Hindu temple on the southern coast of the Island of Bali. It is a 40min and 22km scooter ride from downtown Kuta, and you can also take the taxi there (Grab or GoJek). I do not think organized tours are necessary, you can goย  by yourself.

My friends and I rode a scooter through the congested streets of Kuta, travelling across a few scenic hills and beautiful landscapes, to the Uluwatu Temple. There is a toll just before entering the compound of the temple, but is around 3000 rupiah ($0.30, 2018).

There is also a cultural dance showย at the Uluwatu Temple, that showcases the classic Balinese representation of the Ramayana. It starts off with a beautiful cultural dance and showcases the entire story with grace, all the while hymning and dancing around. Itย costs around 100,000 rupiah, or $10,ย which is quite reasonable given the scale of the show. Plus, its a beautiful way to experience the true Balinese culture!

Aside from the temple itself, there is also site to watch for some monkey entertainment. For example, when I visited the temple, I had a playful monkey steal my sunglasses and bite on it! I got it back but I will always remember to not wear sunglasses or hats near monkeys again haha!

Be aware:

If you are not going as part of a guided tour, and are a adventurous, do-it-yourself kinda person, please be aware that there are guides at the temple that give you a tour of the temple/ follow you around from the entrance, even if you ask them not to, but with an expectation to be paid later. We sincerely informed our ‘guide’ that we do not need a guide (the temple is so self-explanatory and follow the crowd, really), and he insisted that “you don’t have to worry” but guys, that’s code for “tip me later”. A few of our friends were confused and thought of it was a kind gesture on part of the guides but when we started noticing a little fight between another guide and a fellow traveler on the subject of tips, we realized that’s not the deal we want, and we don’t want to pay someone to follow the group of us around. Furthermore, when buying the ticker for the cultural dance show, there are ‘agents’ there that buy the ticket for you, but please don’t do that, you will be duped as the agent will run away with your money (we saw a lot of that happen)! Line up and give your money yourself at the window, in an immediate exchange for the tickets, and make sure you pay the stated price. Apologies for the dip down in tone, moving on! Did I mention that monkey that stole my sun glasses already? ๐Ÿ™‚

Wherever you travel to, just be careful and be vigilant of your suroundings, and enjoy the local culture in Bali! You might have to be extra vigilant in the more touristy parts of Bali, but as you move to the more secluded (and mind-blowingly beautiful) regions of Bali, you will notice the true culture and traditions that Balinese people have to offer!

This dance show was definitely the highlight of my day this time!

Below are a few clicks of my day trip to the Uluwatu Temple:

Have a safe and pleasant trip guys!



Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Indonesia
My friends and I ride a scooter 22km to the Uluwatu Temple
Big statue of the Lord
At the Uluwatu Temple
Scooter gang #ridetheway


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