Welcome to Melbourne, Australia!

Have you ever seen a Kangaroo just prancing across the road? Well, if you have, you have been to Australia!

My 17 hour journey from Mumbai, India to Melbourne, Australia was terribly turbulent and long! Nevertheless, Melbourne’s Tullamarine International Airport was quick and efficient, with their e-visa procedures, immigration was merely a minute, and navigating myself to the Skybus Airport Express was easy too!

My first thoughts after settling into my apartment? WHAT HAVE I DONE?! I have officially moved 10,120 miles (16,270 kms) away from home. I left my home, my cute little puppy, my family, and most importantly, my memory foam pillow.

From now on, I’m by myself. I’m on the road, constantly moving homes and travelling. I suppose I could have reminded myself in that moment why I chose to come here in the first place… But, in that moment, I felt pretty much by myself in the entire continent!

And guess what solves a little bit of home-sickness? A NAP!

Afterwards, I attended the residence orientation, where to my surprise I met another fellow Canadian! He is from Montreal, which is 8 hours drive from Toronto, but in that moment, being very very far away from home, he seemed like a friend from home!

In the next few days, I was on a roll! I met my very best roommates, and I made tons of friends! Something about me: I don’t make very friends. But, new continent, new me!

Keep in touch for more updates on life down under! 😉


Here are some clicks from around Melbourne CBD:

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